"Just when i thought i was out....."

I thought i would have probably given up blogging by now, but i kind of find it a bit relaxing so i guess its here to stay. Yesterday i had 2 different shoots, both of which were favours to friends of mine (to whom i now officially am their photographic wench, meaning shall they have any photographic needs i will be getting a phone call, which is JUST FINE WITH ME). The first one was with Susannah Lombardelli & Helen Broughton who were working on a show at the White Bear Theatre, called Le Silence. Helen was the director and Susannah the designer, i knew helen from university and Susannah from The Gielgud Theatre where we worked together so i was excited to take pictures of their production. As you can figure out the first two pictures are from that same production.

About a week and a half a go a very good old friend of mine sent me a message asking me to go and take pictures of a fashion show she was modelling. its been a very long time since i saw or spoke to Chumma so i jumped at the chance, plus it was another opportunity for some great pictures and new people to meet. So after i finished taking pictures of Le Silence i jumped on the bus and headed towards the fashion show. When i got there i saw Chumma and within seconds it was like we never even lost contact, now here is where the story gets interesting, now Chumma had no idea that photography was only allowed for the official photographers and they told me and her this as soon as i got there. So at this point i figured eh well so much for the pictures but at least i A) get to see Chumma again B) Meet new people & C) Get to watch a fashion show for free :). but right when i was about to pack my gear away a good friend of mine Ola Yiwola turns up with all his equipment. To put things in to context Ola is a friend of mine from Jessops, where we worked together and ever since i left we have stayed in contact as i respect him as a photographer and he i hope does the same of me, so the chances of me just randomly bumping in to him were quite SLIM. To make things more interesting Ola is the main Official photographer of the event, and as soon as the producers of the show turn up Ola Gets me a pass as a photographer. Maybe this is where all my recent bad luck will start to take a turn, but hey just gotta wait and see now.

Before i go, i gotta say a very big well done to all that were involved in both Le Silence and the African Fashion Show, as there was a lot of talent and hard work put in to these two events. Le Silence will be running at the White Bear Theatre for the next three weeks so go and grab a ticket before they sell out.

Till next time :D