Train To Jordan

I know, i know, the titles for my blogs are getting stranger and stranger, but hey call it my humour. I chose that title because it happens to be the title of the song i am listening to on itunes, "Train to jordan" by Aretha Franklin, its one of my most favourite songs so i love listening to it when ever i'm feeling a bit down or just want to sit back, relax and let my mind wonder.

A couple of days ago i went to take pictures of my friend's show at SHUNT VAULTS and the pictures above are from that same production, it was one of the most challenging productions i've photographed because i had no way to prepare and neither did the actors as the lighting was purely controlled by the audience. As you can see from the first image the production is dependent on audience interaction, an individual can highlight a specific actor and watch and if that does not interest them then they can just fade the lights out and move on to someone else. The production was called Lautes Licht, and was directed by my friend Adrian Figueroa whom i worked with at the Gielgud Theatre. The venue was incredible, i've been there before for another production but i lost all the info i had on it and had been trying to find out what it was called and more information about it but as i didn't know what it was called i was at a dead end. It is a huge series of corridors and small rooms, its like a complete other world tucked away through a small door by London Bridge tube station. To all those that haven't been to the Shunt Vaults.... YOU HAVE TO CATCH THE NEXT SHOW!!!!! it is an incredible venue that i cannot believe is hidden away. One day i plan to do a shoot there.

So till next time :D