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Minyahil K. Giorgis

I love photographing people and creative projects - Lets get the obvious out of the way, there done!

Why do you do it?     I hear you ask...

Well good sir/madame thank for for taking an interest, I have always had a love for films/theatre and music from a very young age, and the older I got the more passionate I became about theatre, so I started a career in theatre as an actor and it wasn't till my second year of university that I had my very own camera to document the wonderful people I found myself surrounded by. It was this need to document my passion for theatre & design that started my love affair with photography. Photographing people made me realize just how much I enjoy meeting and working with new people so I took photography more seriously, then one thing lead to another and BOOM Giorgis Media is born.

That is a great story, but why should I have you take great looking pictures of my face/show/project?

I always like to meet or talk with my clients before the date of the shoot, that gives us both a chance to figure out what kind of an image we want to create. Its a collaborative effort so what you want to get out of the images needs to be established earlier on. I try to capture the personality of the individual whom I photograph while trying to give as many options for characters as possible when doing head shots, for theatre productions I make sure the lighting, costume, performance, design, atmosphere and essence of the shows are captured to give potential audience members a taste of what great shows you have waiting for them.

What about us musicians & non creative people? 

Wow wow wow, just because I am passionate about my creative background doesn't mean I won't work with you, lets talk...  

I don't see any of your pricing, do you negotiate?

I factor a lot of things in to my pricing, things like travel, camera gear, lighting gear, editing time, software, computer, tax etc... and the prices I quote based on the requirements of the job reflect the costs of my business, and I provide a professional service where you will receive high quality images very quickly and are invoiced efficiently. 

 p.s. Ask me questions through the contact page and they may even make it on here along with my answer.