My London

I love london, this city has soo much to offer from rich history to absolutely gorgeous architecture. I have spent a large portion of my life in this city and have only learned to discover the hidden gems it has in the last few years. Coming from a country where 98% of the people i came in to contact with spoke the same language and shared the same culture it was such an eye opener for me to be then in an environment where every single day I would meet someone new who had a completely different culture or background from me. To me london has all these small samples of what the planet has to offer kind of a pick and mix of cultures if you will.

When I took these images, I decided to start in central london, pick a direction and start walking. I love getting lost in this city for a couple of hours and then find my way back as its very difficult to actually get lost once you learn the tube and bus system it then becomes almost second nature, and if all else fails a few iconic buildings can be a homing beacon to help you find your way. 

I was using my trusty canon 5D Mk 1 and my 135mm telephoto lens which I love for photographing people and certain places as it allows me to get closer shots of my subjects without scaring them. I have got my eye on the new Fuji X100s but currently I can't quite afford or justify it, as most of the street photography I do now is done on my iPhone as its always there and accessible, not to mention the phenomenal selection of photography apps (I will probably post about this at a later date). 

Anywho... here are the pictures I took, would love your thoughts on places in london you love and any other comments or suggestions you may have. (You can click on the picture and it will reveal the other ones)

Till next time..