Minyahil K. Giorgis?

I put the question mark at the end of my name because like so many others out there i am trying to find out my purpose in life and i'm still looking. But so far i have discovered a passion for photography and performance, i don't know what it is about being on stage and looking out towards blinding lights or taking a picture of someone when they are smiling that puts me at ease and makes me feel so relaxed. I have been more of a photographer than an actor lately but to me its all good as i am doing two things that i love.

I was editing through some of my old pictures as my collection was getting monstrously large and devouring my hard drive and i came across one image that i took of a lovely actress by the name of Natalie Jennings and this image about a year ago was just another ok image to me but now i saw its potential and after a few tweaks it made me realise a very important thing..... that photography isn't just about pointing the camera getting the settings right and then pressing the shutter button, its about discovery and rediscovery. Photography is different for everyone but to me it means immortality because it is a moment that is frozen, a moment that will never ever repeat again and to me that is something to treasure.

Natalie Jennings